Thursday, June 16, 2011

Melt me like butter

Liv sang with me last night. She's been singing off and on for a while, but last night she sang her "sleepy time" song with me. Usually she tells me "NO Mama NO!". She was so sweet last night. She put her head on my shoulder and sang with me as we went up the stairs to her room.

Sleepy time has come for my baby.
Baby now is going to sleep.
Kiss Mama good night and I'll turn out the lights and I'll tuck you in bed with your covers tight. Sleepy time has come for my baby.
Baby now is going to sleep.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

To Remember.....

There are so many things I want to remember about Liv at this age. She is so funny and her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. She's starting to talk in full sentences, although "there he is" is still more of a sound then individual words. She says "Peas" for "Please" and mixes up "me" and "you".

She found her Tu-tu and was so proud to have put it on herself.

She loves to play in the dirt. She insisted on wearing that hat to dig in her "garden". Yesterday when I got home from work, she was excited to show me the tree branches she had "planted". I'm going to have to get her something to plant in the planter. Any suggestions?

She watches far too much TV/Computer, but she is limited to : The Wiggles, Sesame Street and Blue's Clues, with the occasional Caillou thrown in. She can move from website to website and play the video's and games by herself.She loves to go to the play ground. For some reason, she calls it Tball. She's never seen a T-ball game and has no idea what it is, so I have no clue where tball comes from.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Little Bit is 2 today

I truly cannot believe she is 2 today. Where has the time gone? This past week she's had a language explosion. Mostly because Grammy came for a visit last Saturday and has been working with her. When asked "how old are you?" she'll say 2! and try to hold up 2 fingers. Melts me into a puddle. I so wish I could see more of her. The 1 1/2 hours I get after work is just not enough. It's killing me. Especially since I'm back at the restaurant 3 nights a week. I'm glad Zalebaby is home with her, but it still makes me want to scream. I'm going to stop here. This is suppose to be about my beautiful baby-girl's 2nd birthday.

She loves to tell me NO! and she always says Daddy! when she doesn't know the correct name for something. She loves to help clean the kitchen and she has her very own broom to help sweep. She is terrified of the vacuum and will run screaming from the room if you get it out of the closet. My little bird will eat anything I'm trying to eat, but turn her nose up if I try to feed it to her on her own plate. Loves to do the Electric Company Slide---Hey You Guys!-- She loves to color and often wants Daddy to draw Elmo for her so she can color all over the picture. Liv is the queen of puzzles and goes through her stack of them every day.

My Eskimo baby:

Grammy got her a wooden table and chair set for her birthday and she is so excited over it. She moves from chair to chair having tea with her dollies. I could just eat her up. More Please!

Tickles with Grammy:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Liv's new ears!

My girl got tubes in her ears yesterday. It was very, very quick procedure. From the time they gassed her until she woke up was less then 15 minutes. I was surprised that she didn't wake up crying, she was quite on the way home until she puked up the apple juice she was given after waking up. They told me not to be surprised if she did puke, so I wasn't worried. She was kinda cute about it. She pulled out her gummy, looked at me wide-eyed and said uh, uh then puked. I was there to catch it and afterward she was just fine. I guess only a mother would think her kid was cute as she puked....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I miss him

It's been a week since we had to put Tater down. I still keep looking for him. For such a little grumpy old man, he's left a huge hole my heart.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love going on cruises. This last one was a blast. I just wish it would have been longer so I could have gotten some down time. 3 nights is not enough.

This cruise was different from my other cruises because we went as a small group. 4 couples, no kids. All the grandparents came into town to watch the babies. It was bliss. Don't get me wrong, I missed Liv terribly. I checked in with my Mom compulsively, but it was so nice to be able to have a few (too many) drinks and go dancing and not have to worry about paying the piper in the mornings. I got to sleep as late as I wanted...bliss. pure bliss.

We left Atlanta around 10-10:30 on Thursday. A&A rode with us. We picked them up at 9, then went to Waffle House to start our vacation. So we were a little later then our intended start time. The other 2 couples (H&E and M&P) dove together and left about 10 too but they live on the other side of town and had their own agenda. Since they thought we were leaving at 9 we sent them random text messages the whole way to the hotel, telling them we were farther along on the road. When we were about an hour from the the hotel, we told them we were at the was fun with all the smack-talk texting going on, it made the trip much faster. Even with the sit-down lunch we had at Bob Evan's they only beat us to the hotel by 1/2 hour.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites Thursday night, E had enough points to pay for 2 rooms, Yea E! and the hotel has a weekday happy hour with free drinks. Guess what we did? Yep, we indulged ourselves, then got a taxi van to take us to Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. $75 per person. ouch. but in the name of vacation we went.

Horror Nights was a lot of fun. It was also a lot of standing in line. They had 8 haunted houses, 6 "scare zones" and a couple of the everyday rides open. We saw 3 of the haunted houses,3 scare zones and did Jaws, Men In Black and the Mummy ride before the park closed. Not to shabby considering the haunted house lines were 45 minutes to 90 minutes long (I timed the houses themselves and they took 6 to 10 minutes to go thru) The last time I was at Universal I was pregnant with Liv, so I couldn't ride any of the fun rides, so my favorite part was riding the rides and being tipsy during it. I can't say I've ever done that before.

We got ourselves up and moving in time for the free breakfast, which at Embassy, rocked. I had a made to order omelet, juice and hash browns. It was just what I needed after all the drinking the night before. We checked out, went to CVS for a few forgotten items (not mine!) and started the 45 minute drive to the Port.

Embarking was a little off. The first half was smooth, the lines were short and went fast. Then the card machine broke. Dun, Dun, Dun!!! so we sat and waited 45 minutes until we could get in the line to board the ship. The good part about that was our rooms were ready when we got on and we could drop off all of our stuff.

This was my first cruise with Royal Caribbean and I found the Monarch of the Seas to be exactly as I expected it to be. My only gripe was the bathroom vanity. It was nice and large, but nowhere to secure your stuff. Carnival Celebrity's bathroom was better.

More tomorrow......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Baby

Liv has the ear infection that won't die. We've started our 4 round of antibiotics. sigh. At least it doesn't seem to hurt her. I really hope this antibiotic works because the next treatment is a shot 3 days in a row.

Grammy, Zalebaby and I took Liv to the Aquarium then to Johnny Rockets for lunch afterward. She had a blast.