Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm going to an estate sale tomorrow. I'm really excited about that. I went to them all the time before I moved to Atlanta, since moving here, I've fallen out of the habit. It might have had something to do with all the Friday night Parties I went to when I first moved here......but I'm not quite sure how...... ;-)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Help Please!

I broke my sewing drought last night and made a purse. I cut it out months ago and it sat by my machine waiting to be sewn. Since NASCA was in rain pause most of last night I decided to put it together. (NASCA is my dirty little pleasure, it's all the pretty drivers going fast) It turned out OK, but I like the inside better than the outside. So, the outside needs some jazzing up. That's where I need help, so please, please offer some suggestions! (I'm looking at you, Mary Ann and Candi)

The outside:

The inside:

I could take it apart and reverse it, but the pockets are too short to be of any use on the outside, I would loose anything I put in them. I used scrap fabric to make it and I don't have enough to make deeper pockets.


So, help me out. What can I do to make the bag less plain? Or is it OK as it is?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Eclipse of the heart.....

I'm showing my geek side.....
Zalebaby and I went outside last night around 10:30 and got to see this. It was so very cool. I've never seen a lunar eclipse before. It seems every time one was occurring, we had cloud cover. Even for this eclipse, we missed most of it due to the clouds (and where the moon was...had to wait for it to get high enough to see over the other houses) but it was thrilling to see the moon last night. Not for another 3 years, Dec. 21, 2010 will there be another total lunar eclipse.

In high school, I was lucky enough to go to the "rich" school. I lived 4 houses into the school district. High school sucked, its no fun being the geeky poor girl in the school where all the doctor's kids went to school. One of the cool things about the school was it had a Planetarium. I loved astronomy class. The teacher was crazy fun and the subject matter kept my attention. It was one of the few classes I enjoyed. I so wish that I could have had more classes like that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My so called sewing room

My sewing room is haunting me. I even walked in it yesterday and looked at the piles. Piles of fabric, piles of stuffing, piles of patterns, piles everywhere except on the treadmill that I haven't used in months. I keep that free so I will use it. Or so I tell myself. Sigh. I need another sewing job to kick myself into gear. I've been wanting to make a table runner and placemats. I've got plenty of fabric to do it with, but I haven't wanted to be in the sewing room to do it. I must clean it.

I've also been thinking about making a hand pieced doll quilt. I want something that I can work on in front of the TV with my hubby. He gets a little whine-y when I go upstairs and sew after work, unless its a paying job. Plus, I like to sew to the TV and I don't have one the the disaster area I call a sewing room.

bonus Picture: hubby and my niece at Christmas

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roses smell sweet

I'm so lucky. My bosses got me roses and a card for Valentine's Day. Totally surprised me and made my day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He's Coming Home

Yay! Zalebaby is on his way home. I've missed him terribly. It's been rough being sick as a dog and not having him around to baby me. It's been worse, what with his family situation and me not being able to be there with/for him and being sick. Now the poor baby is driving home thru the tornado's, in the rain, with a cold of his own. I pray the trip goes smoothly for him. I can't wait for him to get home so I can baby him. If all goes well, he should be home around 9pm tonight, which gives me enough time to get home from work, clean the house and change the sheets before he gets there. I might even have enough time to take a nap.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Zalebaby's mother passed away early Sunday morning. This was not unexpected as she had cancer and when we saw her over Christmas, she was on a downward spiral. He got the call last week that he needed to come home, so he left here Friday afternoon and did the 14 hour drive to Upstate New York. He spent Saturday with her, talking to her and making her laugh. He feels good about that. Zalebaby loves to be the funny man.

What he is not so happy about is having to be the strong one and handle all the details. He is the only one of the 4 kids that doesn't live in that podunk town. He's the only one to escape from their trailer-trash lifestyle. Believe me, they could keep Jerry Springer show going for a month. That includes his mother's husband, never to be confused with his Dad. So all the stuff that should have been taken care of long before his Mom got this bad, never got taken care of. Or even talked about. So guess who got stuck with it? I wish I was there to comfort Zalebaby, but a small part of me is really glad I'm not. I couldn't be nice to most of his family. I lost my father to cancer 12 years ago and they way his mother (and the rest of the family) handled everything makes me angry to tears.

She didn't have to die this way. She had Colon cancer and if she'd gone to the doctor at the first sign of trouble, she could have beat it. Instead, she waited until her bowels shut down then went to the doctor. At that point, she still had a good chance of beating it. She was given chemo pills, but stopped taking them because they made her sick. The whole thing just makes me so mad. My Dad didn't have a chance against the cancer and she throws it all away.