Monday, September 13, 2010

My life is filled with Snot Bubbles.

Poor baby- A cold with an ear infection, mama chasing her with wet wipes and a nose going raw. It's no wonder all she wants is to do is cry.

She had her first sick doctor's visit. We didn't see her normal Dr. but another in the center. I loved Dr. Segal, Liv didn't burst into tears when she walked in and let her examine her without much protest. Either Liv liked her better or she was just that sick. Can I say I really want one of those touch thermometers the nurse had? a 3 second touch and she was done. That would be worth $100 to me. Next payday, I'm getting one.

After 3 days of antibiotics, she's feeling better, there is much less crying and snot bubbles, but there is a reason for no pictures.....