Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've got nothing to say

I've got nothing to say today, other than I feel like a big failure. Sigh. Now I need to confess it to a co-worker. It's not about work, my job is a slackers wet dream. No, it is a sewing failure. Which is really strange and uncomfortable for me. My pride and self-confidence are shattered (well, bruised)

I have failed in making a baby quilt. I have no problems with making one, but this one was a copy of one from a picture and I tried to make it 4 times and I couldn't get the embroidery right. It looks like shit. I feel really bad about it, I'm actually horrified about it. After my 4th try, I altered the quilt she bought, but didn't really like and made it much cuter and more matching her theme, but it is not at all like the picture of the one she wanted that was discontinued. Now I just have to tell her about my failure. Maybe I'll get hit by a bus first. Naw, I couldn't get that lucky. If you look up "ashamed" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of me.