Friday, May 30, 2008

My Google Reader is overflowing with entries....

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I went on vacation. Zalebaby and I decided to stay at home and be tourist in Atlanta. With the cost of gas, it was much cheaper to stay at home (no hotel bill, no boarding the dogs bill) and do day trips around Georgia. I did insist it be a true vacation and refused to cook all week. Ya me!

We went on vacation from May 17th to May 26. When I picked the week, I picked it because of a day Atlanta Braves' game. Zalebaby wanted to go to a business man's game, as he has never done that. I had no idea that Monday was Memorial Day. I so loved the bonus day off!

I'll tell you more about vacation when Zalebaby gives me the pictures (he's a photoshop god) but here is the only one that came out good with my stupid camera (no, it's not stupid me, I made ZB take pictures with my camera as well as his to prove that there was something wrong with mine!)

Me at the New World of Coke. It was much better than the old World of Coke. We wouldn't have even gone to WOC if it wasn't for the CityPass that we bought.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Before and after

Before you sits 80% of my book collection:

I only thought about taking a picture after I removed the books from the folding bookshelves I've used since college. We're re-doing the guest bedroom, since the bed has been sitting on the floor since we've moved here. We rent, so please ignore the blue sky wallpaper, it came with the house.....but look! Brand new, grown up bookshelves! Thank you IKEA and my stimulus check!

I think when we actually buy a house, I'm going to need to add another bookcase or 2.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yummy! Spicy Banana Cookies!

Zalebaby and I have been eating bananas like they are going out of style, 'cause they help with his heartburn, but after a while, it gets old. Like the bananas that turned soft and brown hanging on the holder. So I decided to try out the Spicy Banana Cookies recipe I found a couple of weeks ago at sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy . Drool. Yum. They were really easy to make and the only thing I did different from the recipe is I added extra chocolate chips and left out the nuts. I hate to say it, but I didn't get any pictures. I took them to a dinner party and they were gone in no time flat. I'm hoping that Zalebaby leaves a few more bananas to get over-ripe so I can make some more cookies......I bought an extra large bunch of bananas at the store to help to make the cookies happen.....there is nothing wrong with hedging your bets, right?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Magic Bites/Magic Burns.......Review

I love reading, I hate writing.....which is why I keep doing these bloody Challenge. The challenge for me is to actually write the Review. So today, I'm going to review 2 books by the same author, Ilona Andrews.

Magic Bites and Magic Burns are Urban Fantasy books that are set in a world where Magic and Technology work, but not at the same time. It's kinda like Magic and Tech are battling it out over who's rules the world is going to follow, Einstein's or Merlin's. This world also includes Were-animals and Vampires. With the Vampires, there is a twist. The Vampires are not your run of the mill, blood-drinking Hunky Bad Guys, vampires are more-or-less mindless creatures who are controlled by "The People". Which are, I think, humans who have an extra mind skill, who can control the by putting their consciousness in vampire's mind which allows the "rider" to control the vampire's body. The stories take place in Atlanta (which is where I live) and is one of the reason's I picked up the first book, Magic Bites. In Magic Bites, we are introduced to Kate Daniels, who is a mercenary that deals with paranormal problems. She is strong woman with a bad attitude and a secret. You gotta to love that, I know I do. She is blindsided by the murder of her Guardian and hunts down his killer.

In Magic Burns, Kate's got a new problem. How to save Atlanta (and the world) from Celtic Ghouls bent on killing all of human kind. In this book, Kate is even more of a bad ass then the in the first book, plus she has more depths as a person, we get to see her reason things out and we get a little closer to finding out her secret....well, we do find out her secret, but we still don't know what it means or why she is in this jam....And! There is a tease of a romance starting. I'm so loving that part. I'm dying for the two of them to get together. I find the way the tension is building up to be very sexy. It's going to be hard to wait until next year for part 3. I'm not known for my patience.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

Happy May Day! Flowers for everyone and it's time to dance the maypole! Did you wash your face in the dew this morning?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

May Day has been a traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries. It is most associated with towns and villages celebrating springtime fertility and revelry with village fetes and community gatherings. Perhaps the most significant of the traditions is the Maypole, around which traditional dancers circle with ribbons.

I love to dance the maypole. I use to do it everyday when I worked at the PA Renaissance Faire. It was one of my "duties". Rough job, right?..... You know what? I don't think I've ever dance the maypole on May Day. heh.