Friday, May 30, 2008

My Google Reader is overflowing with entries....

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I went on vacation. Zalebaby and I decided to stay at home and be tourist in Atlanta. With the cost of gas, it was much cheaper to stay at home (no hotel bill, no boarding the dogs bill) and do day trips around Georgia. I did insist it be a true vacation and refused to cook all week. Ya me!

We went on vacation from May 17th to May 26. When I picked the week, I picked it because of a day Atlanta Braves' game. Zalebaby wanted to go to a business man's game, as he has never done that. I had no idea that Monday was Memorial Day. I so loved the bonus day off!

I'll tell you more about vacation when Zalebaby gives me the pictures (he's a photoshop god) but here is the only one that came out good with my stupid camera (no, it's not stupid me, I made ZB take pictures with my camera as well as his to prove that there was something wrong with mine!)

Me at the New World of Coke. It was much better than the old World of Coke. We wouldn't have even gone to WOC if it wasn't for the CityPass that we bought.


Christy said...

World of Coke? Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Coke. So jealous.

maggiegracecreates said...

This is a wonderful picture of you. There will be no vacation for us - we play ball - added to those gas prices.

Have a wonderful day.

Candice said...

Well written article.