Monday, May 05, 2008

Magic Bites/Magic Burns.......Review

I love reading, I hate writing.....which is why I keep doing these bloody Challenge. The challenge for me is to actually write the Review. So today, I'm going to review 2 books by the same author, Ilona Andrews.

Magic Bites and Magic Burns are Urban Fantasy books that are set in a world where Magic and Technology work, but not at the same time. It's kinda like Magic and Tech are battling it out over who's rules the world is going to follow, Einstein's or Merlin's. This world also includes Were-animals and Vampires. With the Vampires, there is a twist. The Vampires are not your run of the mill, blood-drinking Hunky Bad Guys, vampires are more-or-less mindless creatures who are controlled by "The People". Which are, I think, humans who have an extra mind skill, who can control the by putting their consciousness in vampire's mind which allows the "rider" to control the vampire's body. The stories take place in Atlanta (which is where I live) and is one of the reason's I picked up the first book, Magic Bites. In Magic Bites, we are introduced to Kate Daniels, who is a mercenary that deals with paranormal problems. She is strong woman with a bad attitude and a secret. You gotta to love that, I know I do. She is blindsided by the murder of her Guardian and hunts down his killer.

In Magic Burns, Kate's got a new problem. How to save Atlanta (and the world) from Celtic Ghouls bent on killing all of human kind. In this book, Kate is even more of a bad ass then the in the first book, plus she has more depths as a person, we get to see her reason things out and we get a little closer to finding out her secret....well, we do find out her secret, but we still don't know what it means or why she is in this jam....And! There is a tease of a romance starting. I'm so loving that part. I'm dying for the two of them to get together. I find the way the tension is building up to be very sexy. It's going to be hard to wait until next year for part 3. I'm not known for my patience.

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