Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My girl is stubborn

Liv was so funny on Sunday. She refused to take a nap that morning. I tried to put her down for her 10 am nap, she screamed like I was poking her with a pin. She fussed and cried all morning. I gave up fed her early, at 11:30, She fell asleep as I was trying to feed her the baby food. Watching her nod off, then jerk awake to eat another bite was hysterical. When she'd truly fallen asleep, I got her out of the high chair, which woke her up and she screamed at me for waking her. I couldn't do anything but laugh at her as I put her down for her nap. She even pouted at me and whimpered in her sleep when I laid her down. too cute.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 months

Dear Olivia,

I can't believe you are 6 months old already. I still find it hard to believe you are ours. It is so wonderful to have you in our lives. Mummy and Daddy love you to pieces. You can roll from you back to your belly. Most nights you sleep on your belly, Marty McFly style, with your butt in the air.

You can hold your bottle and feed yourself, mostly. You've been eating baby food for a month and the only thing you don't seem to like is Peaches. You love sweet potatoes, carrots and heaven help me, peas (you take after your dad that way) Applesauce gets a thumbs up, bananas are ok.You can almost sit by yourself. You tend to lean forward and prop yourself up on your hands, rather than sitting up, you are almost there. You sleep though the night now, mostly, and you can put yourself back to sleep. That is so wonderful.

We took you to your cousin Sascha's 1st birthday party: Daddy gave you a pretzel.This is what you thought of it:I can't wait to see what is next.