Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My girl is stubborn

Liv was so funny on Sunday. She refused to take a nap that morning. I tried to put her down for her 10 am nap, she screamed like I was poking her with a pin. She fussed and cried all morning. I gave up fed her early, at 11:30, She fell asleep as I was trying to feed her the baby food. Watching her nod off, then jerk awake to eat another bite was hysterical. When she'd truly fallen asleep, I got her out of the high chair, which woke her up and she screamed at me for waking her. I couldn't do anything but laugh at her as I put her down for her nap. She even pouted at me and whimpered in her sleep when I laid her down. too cute.


Christy said...

Neither of my children have ever fallen asleep in their highchairs. Shit, I could rarely get them to fall asleep in their car seats. My kids are wakeful little people.

Well she sounds like a little character! The first year is so amazing. They go from being lifeless little lumps, to rambunctious toddlers. AMAZING.

maggiegracecreates said...

The Softball Princess is still stubborn. We had a round of authority tests this morning. Only the most recent one in many years of testing.

When she was little - she did not sleep hardly at all. When she would go to sleep in the car seat, we would put car seat and all in her bed. I was not getting her out and risking the wakeup.

I can wait to see Liv.

Aunt Katie said...

My way....I wonder who she got that from??????? LOVE HER!!!!! Hugs and Kisses from us!

Have the T-shirt said...

They're so cute when their stubborn at 6 months of age. Not so cute at 16 years of age though. Enjoy it all while you can :)