Monday, April 21, 2008

If you are a geek and you know it, clap your hands!

So, I'm a geek, I know it. Here's the proof. I spent the past week re-reading the first 5 books in a series so that I could read the new (to me) number 6. I will do this for almost every series. It's a sickness I tell you.

Zalebaby just laughs at me. "At least you get your money's worth out of your books."

There are only 2 series that I collect that I won't re-read the entire collection, The Eve Dallas series by JD Robb and the Honor Harrington series by David Weber. Both are simply to big to re-read all the books before my desire to read the newest overwhelms me.

One of my favorite things to have happen, is to find a new-to-me author that I love, who has a large collection of books published, so I can delve into their worlds and enjoy the stories, without having to wait for the next book to be published. Talk about being a literary addict......there are worse things to be addicted to, ya know?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Review: The Outlaw Demon Wails (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, Book 6)

Now this one is on my Challenge list. I very much enjoyed The Outlaw Demon Wails (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, Book 6) by Kim Harrison.

The Outlaw Demon Wails is the sixth book in the Hollows series. I really like the series, but I wouldn't recommend picking up this book if you haven't read the other 5. That being said, it was a good read. It definitely had a new tone to the story writing. Rachael is trouble with a capital T. If there is a safe choice or a dangerous one, she'll go for danger every time. At least that was the way she operated in the other 5 books. In this one, she spends a lot of time fighting herself and her instincts, to stay out of trouble....which of course, puts her in even more trouble.
I'm wondering if there will be a book 7. Harrison has wrapped up most of the plot lines of the series, but she did introduce a few new ones. I know if she writes more books set in this world, I'll read them.

Review: A Curse Dark As Gold by Elizabeth C Bunce

Although this book isn't on my list for the Once Upon A Time II Challenge, it certainly falls into the fairytale category....well sort of, as it turns out to be work of ghosts, rather than fairies.....

A Curse Dark As Gold by Elizabeth C Bunce. This was a wonderful retelling of the classic Rumpelstiltskin. One of the things I enjoyed about it, was the way the story was structured around the Mill. The building itself was a major character in the story, with it's own will and personality. Charlotte Miller, our heroine, starts out the tale not believing in magic or curses. She is a strong willed, determined person, and the fairytale element of the story creeps in slowly, changing her perception of the world. I love the journey she takes, from sorrow to joy, never loosing her determination to do the right thing, no matter how hard it is.

Friday, April 04, 2008

What Fun!

I had the best time last night with Teresa. She rocked and was so funny. We talked about everything under the sun. I was a little nervous about meeting her, what was I going to say? What if we have nothing in common other than blogging? I was so afraid my shy side was going to come out and tongue tie me. (you'd be surprised by how often that happens) But no, she made me feel comfortable right off the bat. She's just like her blog, warm funny and down to earth......and a little -ahem -earthy. It's too bad we got together on a school night, some weekend this summer we are going to have to sit down with a couple of pitchers of Margarita's....and see just how raunchy the conversation can get. Tee-hee! (maybe we could talk Mary Ann into coming for a visit this summer)

She made me the best box of goodies:
I'm so looking forward to playing with fabrics she gave me and I love, love, love the bracelet her daughter made. I was so excited to see one of her signature button dragonflys. The green sun catcher is going to be hung on my patio doors so I can see the light thru it and I love the little cardinal sitting on his nest. He is destined for a spot on my Christmas tree. Thank you so much Teresa for all the goodies. I can't wait to see you again! What a great blogging date.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Two Shoes

Sorry, no pictures of the Stromboli, but yum! So very yummy! I remembered to bring my camera downstairs, but did I take any pictures? Nope! By the time it came out of the oven, (at 9pm!!) We were sooo hungry and it smelled so good, we dove right in, camera forgotten. So this morning I took shoe pictures like so many of my favorite blogers have been posting lately. Jen over at Scissors. Paper. Glue has started a Shoe photo swap. So cute and such fun. I didn't join the swap, but I thought I'd offer up my favorite shoes. Please forgive the blurry-ness. I think I need a new camera--my pictures look good when I view them after I take them, but when downloaded.....blurry. I've corrected as much as possible, but I'm still not happy.
Wedding Shoes:
I had an outdoor wedding in Maui, so I wanted wedges with an ankle strap to walk on the grass with. Do you know how hard that is to find? I spent all summer trying to find a pair. I found these at the end of the summer in the Kenneth Cole store. I adore them and I love the fact that I've been able to wear them after the wedding, especially since I'd paid more for them then any other shoes in my life, which is not saying much, as they were on sale for $90. But then I got my wedding dress at Macy's for $80.....
Girly Party Shoes:
I don't remember where I got these, but I always feel pretty and feminine in them

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Carb Coma

Guess what I did all weekend? I love, love, love this book. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. My diet has gone right out the window. So far, I've only made 2 of the breads, the basic brioche dough and the peasant loaf. Both were yummy, so yummy. I've been making cheese toast like it was going out of style. I'm dying to make the calzon or the stromboli. I have enough dough left in the fridge to make one of them tonight. Now if I could just remember to pull out my camera I'll have pictures for you tomorrow.