Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sorry Christy, yesterday was a sick day....

So what do you take to stop the diarrhea when you keep throwing up the Imodium AD? I've also learned that grape poweraid makes for neon lime diarrhea. Just a fun fact to start your day. I'm done with the ralphing and (keep your fingers crossed) with the diarrhea so I'm back at work. I'm so ready to go home and laydown.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Da Da Dum

I love reading blogs. I get all kinds of crafting and sewing ideas. I love reading everyone else's life stories and the recipes...Woot! I love the cooking blogs! When it comes to me putting fingers to keyboard.....not so much. I don't know what to write. When I do something crafty, I always seem to do it at the last minute and don't take any pictures, so I don't really want to blog about it. During Christmas, I made 2 wonderful simple wraps for friends of mine. Did I take pictures? nope. proof that I made them...why blog about's a vicious circle. Which takes me back to the start of this post. I love reading (and commenting on blogs) which is why I feel like I should have one. I want to give back, but I'm not doing such a good job of it. So I'm going to challenging myself to post at least twice a week (I'm trying to set a reasonable, attainable goal). Hopefully it won't be complete drivel, but I'm going to give it a try.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Partied Like A Rock Star.....

My bed and I got together around 4:30 or really, I did party and it was good. I've got no pictures to prove it. We went (10 of us) to a tapas place in Atlanta called Loca Luna it was the same place I went to for my bachlerette party. It was fantastic. We had reservations for 9:30, but we got there at 8:45 to avoid the cover charge....which meant more money for drinking! Yay! So my crew met up at the bar and drank until they seated us at 10. Which as packed as they were, I was impressed that they got us seated that quickly. We ate and drank ourselves silly, toasted the New Year, kissed our way around the tables then went back to my house and partied some more. Here's the embarrassing part.......we broke out the xbox 360 and played Dance, Dance Marathon. (we've got 2 dance pads) Nothing in the world is funnier than drunk dancing at 2 in the morning. I so wish I had pictures to post!