Thursday, September 06, 2007

RIP review, 2 for 1

It's coming to my attention that I love to do the reading challenges. So many people putting their favorite authors out there for me to see/find. I love finding new authors to read. However, I hate writing review. I have a hard time defining why I like or dislike a book. You think with the amount of books I read, I'd be more articulate. Not so. My reviews are stilted and boring. Hopefully if I keep practicing, I'll get better. 'nuff said.

Poltergeist by Kat Richardson. I loved the story. It is a foggy, misty tale. I love the descriptions of the gray. I root for Harper and I want to learn more of what she can do.

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Diane Setterfield I loved this writer. It was a warped and twisted tale that kept me reading late into the night. The writing is rich and textured, the way of Jane Austen, without the feeling of being drowned in extra words and images that I feel from the classics. It's this depth that is missing from the The Gardella Vampire Chronicles. I just loved the twists and turns of the The Thirteenth Tale.
Happy Ella picture:


DesLily said...

I'm glad to read positive reads on the 13th tale since I just ordered the book!

Christy said...

Ella's picture is too cute. Was that taken professionally?

Framed said...

The more reviews I read about this book, the more excited I am to read it. But then I read a review about other books I have for the challenge and I'm torn. I obviously need to read faster.

BTW, that's a beautiful baby.

Carrie said...

Nope, the picture wasn't done professionally, my sister took it herself.

I'm so baby jonesing for one of my own.

Carl V. said...

What a cutie!!!

I'm jealous that you've gotten through Poltergeist. It is on my shelf but I'm trying to get to some other books first.

Thirteenth Tale is amazing, it really is. Wonderful. Probably not a fair comparison between it and Colleen's books as they certainly are not trying to be the same type of book, but I understand what you are saying.

Bookfool said...

I actually felt the opposite - I thought the Gardella Vampire Chronicles (the two I've read) had more depth than The Thirteenth Tale. I loved the writing styles in both, but had to drag myself through The Thirteenth Tale; I have no idea why. Bad timing, maybe. Adorable photo!

Ravenhill said...

This is a gorgeous photo of the most adorable baby!