Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Whew! Christmas is almost here!

I'm so excited! I'm almost ready for my trip north. I've bought/made almost all of my presents, all I need yet is to make 4 totes and buy some golf balls and I'm done. I'm doing a little happy dance here!

I'm off the hook for the golf wear job. I'm a little disappointed over it, but the designer found a new manufacturer that will give her a better deal if they do it all.....I was looking forward to the challenge of doing something new, but not the pressure of the time constraints.....All is not lost, the designer has more work for me after the first of the year. Stuff with out rush deadlines.


Prince Hamilton said...

Where is the tea?

1peanut said...

hey carrie. Hope you had a great christmas. Happy New Year!