Friday, April 03, 2009

1st Week Back

They say the first week back is the hardest. I hope they are right, because this week has been the worst. I so want to be home with Liv and not at work. Sigh.

Liv at 1 week with Aunt Sandra:

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks
I am sooo in love!


Jenn King said...

She's still so beautiful and getting so BIG! :-)
I miss you both!

maggiegracecreates said...

look how she's growing. yes the first week is the worst. been thinking about you all week.


Christy said...

She is adorable. I hope it get easier mama.

Have the T-shirt said...

Look how much she's changed already! Isn't it amazing?!

She's gorgeous.

It does get easier, but I always felt that I was just "doing time" at work, my heart was never completely in it once I had a baby at home waiting for me.

mormar said...

she is so cute. I know how you feel. That was so hard going back to work. It will work out.

Carl V. said...

Awww...welcome back! She is lovely!!!

Christy said...

Okay, your baby is going to be all grown-up before we get another post. PICTURES WOMAN! WE NEED PICTURES!