Wednesday, November 03, 2010

closet time

I would like to throw away all the clothes in my closet and start over.

I made a good dent in my closet in October, I tried on all my clothes and if it didn't fit, it went in the goodwill bag. 12 kitchen bags later, I have a pared down closet. I however dislike most of the clothes I have left. I'm going to have to learn to live with it. Or I can get out my sewing machine and fix it. It's too bad I don't have any garment fabric that I like.

Zalebaby and I have made a budget and we're sticking to it. I'm happy with that, as we are paying off the debt that we acquired while he was out of work. So I am just going to have to practice some self restraint and save up for a few pieces of clothing that I am drooling over. It's not easy. I have no self restraint......wish me luck.


Jennifer said...

Well, what are you drooling over? Christmas is coming you know ;-)

Christy said...

I went and bought a bunch of clothes that don't even fit. GAH. Clothes are tough when you're on a budget, because everything is so darn expensive.