Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crafty postcards

Wow, I just found a site that teaches you how to make fabric postcard. How cool is that. I’m going to have to get crafty and give it a try. All I need is to get some wonder under and I’m good to go. Heaven knows I have enough fabric scraps.

Here is the site I found the postcards at. She rocks with the clear instructions!

The only project I’m doing for Christmas this year is making beanbag chairs for my nephews. Last year they got Thomas the Train blankets and scarves. I’m not sure if I’m going to make the beanbags out of fleece, denim or corduroy. I’ll post pictures when I finish them (with my track record, it will be the day before we leave to go home)

1 comment:

Elliwati said...

I don't think I can get wonder under here in Netherland, can I use crazy glue ? :)
just kidding..