Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think I need a bigger purse

I so envy the picture people, like Smitten Kitchen and RockStar Mommy. I wish I could remember to bring my camera to fun events. Like last Saturday. I’ve been kicking myself for not bringing the darn thing with me.

Saturday was the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp, which is a fundraiser for the neighborhood park. It is a fun filled day of Chili, kids, chili, dogs, chili and bluegrass music. Did I mention it was a chili cook-off? The Local restaurants make up one row of booths; the local residents make up another row. The restaurant’s chili, yum yum! The residents chili- not so yummy. There is usually one or two that are ok, but not this year! My girlfriend, Heat, (who is preggers) nearly lost all the other chili after tasting one homemade chili. Shudder!

As we do every year, we brought blankets and laid them out, making a home base for the group, then ran around comparing different chili’s, dogs, beer and other peoples choice of outfits to wear to a chili cook-off. It was chillier (tee-hee) than normal, but it was great to lay on the blankets and bask in the autumn sun.

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Elliwati said...

Carrie, you got spam already..
This cool.. now Clay and I know what you guys up to.
When are you moving ??
Where ?