Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bricker? Sheeley?

I’m having issues. I’m 34, just married and now I have to change my name. Well, I want to change my name, I do, but it’s weird. What do I do about my email and all of my web handles? I’ve been brickergirl since the start of the Internet. No, really, I used brickergirl on bbc way back in college, dang, that was in '92 when I started using that name. Don’t ask me what bbc stands for, I don’t remember…I had a geek of a boyfriend that set me up on them…

Back to the problem. What do I do? Change all of my sign-ins? And change them to what? Dalesgirl? Sheeleywife? Both of those choices make me feel less of me, they are only a fraction of who I am. I'm proud to be Dale's wife, but that is not all that I am. Isn’t your screen name suppose to reflect who you are, you interests? Grrr! I guess every new bride goes through such issues, but still!!

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Anita said...

Oh, I did not worry too much about that issue when I got married in 2002 (I am 34 as well now!) And to be honest, I did not change my email address due to may new name! I still use the old one! Well, at work - of coure - I got a new one but that was different... ;-))