Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I’ll accept that tag….

I think Meme’s are cool, so since Dress a Day has tagged everyone who reads her blog, I thought I’d take her up on it.

Post 5 things about yourself that you have never posted

1) Yesterday I made bread for the first time. Whoo Hoo! I made it for a Low country boil dinner, and it went over really well. Zdalebaby liked it so much he asked me to make it again this weekend. Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures so I can do a proper post about making it.
2) My sisters are identical twins and the youngest of the two is preggers with her second. She is due the middle of July and I’ve put in a request for girl birth on the 15th.
3) My birthday is July 15th and Zdalebaby’s is July 16th. He’s a couple of years older though! It’s kind of weird having our birthday’s so close, I like birthday parties, he doesn’t. All he ever wants to do is play golf for his birthday. At least I always know what to get him for his birthday!
4) I hate to clean with a white-hot passion. To make things worse, I hate the idea of a dirty house. I don’t mind clutter, but it has to be clean clutter! Needless to say, I beat myself up about my house and whine to my hubby that he doesn’t help around the house enough. Just because I don’t want to do it. To be fair, I cook dinner-he cleans it up, most of the time.
5) I was a wench. No really, I spent 8 years working for the PA Renaissance Faire. 6 years I was a wench; 2 years I played a lady-in-waiting. Both had their good points. It was fun to make the lower class grovel and to be all prissy and such. What wasn’t fun, was 50 lbs of velvet on my back in 90 degree weather. When I was a wench, it was just as much fun to grovel as it was to make someone grovel. Plus you could do fun stuff, like get into a catfight and role around in the mud, or make a noble mad at you so you would get dunked at the stocks (very nice to do when the weather was in the 90’s!)

I’d like to tag 1peanut to keep the Meme going.


1 peanut said...

whoooo hoo, my first tag :)
I'll do it after my dr appt. today.

1 peanut said...

also, what does meme stand for?

Carrie said...

You know, I haven't been able to figure it out. I checked out Wikipedia, but it didn't seem to reflect what a Meme is in practice. I kind of see it as an internet game of info tag.