Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catch 22

The house that we are renting is set up for DSL not cable Internet. So when we moved in, we had to get phone service or Bellsouth wouldn't sell us Internet service. What a pain in the butt. Zalebaby and I both use cell phones. We haven't had landline phone since we first moved in together in 2004. We don't even own a plug-in-the-wall phone. However, since the house is a rental and the Landlord didn't want us to run the cables to put a cable outlet in the computer alcove, we were stuck, with a extra $30 (the cheapest phone service you can get) thrown down the drain.

Then, Joy of Joys! I met the At&t Southeast VP. He came into the Airplane Sales office where I am the admin asst and bought a plane. (it was only a little plane, but it still cost more that it would cost me to buy the house I'm renting) He's a really nice man, so I plucked up my courage and said to him, "I heard a rumor that you can now get high speed Internet without having to have phone service" He hem and hawed, tried to tell me I should have a phone line for 911 calls, then asked me for my phone number and told me that he would check to see if they were set up in my area. (I had to look up the phone number since I never use it....)

A week later, I get a phone call from At&t, and they set up my new account, for just Internet service. Yay! I bootie shaked all around the living room. Yay! $30 more a month to go on my Credit cards! Paying off the CC = time to make a Baby! Yay! (I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold out on baby making until all of them are paid-off)

Ok, here's the catch 22. I do paperless billing and I've always paid thru the Bellsouth website. So, I received my notice that the bill is ready and I went and logged in to pay my bill. I could log in, but it wanted me to verify the last 4 SSN to go with the phone number. Which since that number is no longer in service for me, my SSN is no longer attached to that phone number, which means I can not finshing logging in and pay my bill.

After an hour of talking and holding, I have gotten the paperless billing turned off, so next month I'll get a paper bill. When I get that, I'll set up to Pay my bill thru my bank. Now, I just need to find my check book and pay the current bill over the phone. Why they don't take debit cards over the phone is beyond me!
Bonus picture- Babe Ella (Since I've got a severe case of baby lust)


1 peanut said...

phone companies. I have nothing to say. except they suck.

Cutie ella!

Christy said...

It doesn't matter if you pay off your credit cards before making a baby. TRUST ME. You'll just end up charging them up again to buy stupid baby stuff that you don't really need.

Carrie said...

Ha-ha! That's why I need to pay them off before baby, so I have credit available to charge on!

Sonnja said...

What a lovely baby.
Kind Regards,