Monday, August 20, 2007

R.I.P. II Autumn Reading Challenge!

Yay! Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings has issued a new reading Challenge. In honor of the approaching Halloween season, Carl has open the flood gates to register for the R.I.P (Readers Imbibing Peril) Autumn Reading Challenge. I'm all kinds of excited, because my reading list has turned down a dark a spooking path (Mostly filled with Vampires) which is right in line with the challenge. Officially, the challenge starts September 1st and runs until October 31st. The rules of the game, per Carl: The Perils:

(Choose one, or more than one if you are feeling adventurous)

Peril the First:
Read Four books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose.

Peril the Second
(Otherwise known as the Obese Book Peril):
As you may know, some books are scary not just because of their subject matter but because of their size.
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna
Clarke is 737 pages of small type, for example, and Gordon Dahlquist’s
Glass Books of the Dream Eaters is 637 pages long with type so minuscule it makes Strange’s look like large print!
For this peril simply read two weighty tomes during the challenge period.

Peril the Third:
If you think you have it in you, this third choice of perils is the Scary Sandwich Peril…choose two large books like those described in Peril the Second and read a
smaller qualifying tale in between.

Peril the Fourth
(Otherwise known as Just a Bit of Peril):
Some of you wonderful readers, or would-be readers, may have a tendency to shy way from this genre, thinking it is just not your cup of poisoned tea. However, it
wouldn’t be a challenge if I wasn’t challenging you. This peril is for those of you who want to take a chance. Simply choose one book that you feel meets the criteria for Readers Imbibing Peril II and, well, imbibe it!

This Challenge couldn't come at a better time for me. I had just finished ordering library books before reading Carl's post. Just about everything I ordered falls into the Gothic horror genre. So I'm going to do Peril the First x two. That gives me a little over a week per book. Easy peasy. As long as I don't scare myself too much!

My reading list, so far:

Poltergeist by Kat Richardson
Rises The Night: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason
The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Diane Setterfield
Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1) by Jim Butcher (if I like this one, I'll read the whole series)
I need to add two more to my list, but I'm going to hold off until I see what the other people doing the challenge pick. I'm sure to find a new author that I've never heard of, with a book I'm dying to read.


Chris said...

What a great list so far! I'm reading the Thirteenth Tale and Storm Front too and I absolutely loved Coraline and Rises the Night. Enjoy!

Andi said...

Great list! I'm tickled to see so many with Blood and Chocolate on their lists. I've had it on my stacks for a while now, and I definitely think its time I got to it.

Good luck!

Kailana said...

The Thirteenth Tale and Coraline are really good books.

Good luck on the challenge!

Christy said...

I need to read more. In order to accomplish this goal, I probably need to blog less.

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone! Christy, I read right before bed, mostly, unless it's a really, really good book.

1 peanut said...

The Thirteenth Tale was good. I'm going to check out those vampire chronicles you listed.

Court said...

That's such a great list! I just read Coraline a few months ago, and it was deliciously creepy! I hope you enjoy it!

1 peanut said...

Hi carrie. I'm reading American Gods right now. I ordered The Anansi Boys and Coraline from the library so I should have those soon.
The first one is good so far (this is my first book by Gaiman), hope the other ones are too.