Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky/Not So Lucky

I had an interesting weekend.

Friday Night: Atlanta, GA
Area: Cabbagetown
Interesting Occurrence: Tornado
Saturday Night: Savannah, GA
Interesting Occurrence: Tornado
Personal Damage: None.
Friday afternoon, my girlfriend Elli (who lives in Amsterdam) came into Atlanta for a visit. Zalebaby and I went to Heat's house in Cabbagetown, along with a bunch of other friends, to meet Elli and her husband and go to dinner. We all went to dinner at a Mexican place a couple of miles away in the Virginia-Highlands. On our way back to Heat's house, around 10 ish, we noticed the stop-lights were out around their house and the power was out on the block. No biggie, that usually happens when it rains that we went in and lit candles and hung out for a while. Then one of the girls gets a panic phone everyone alright?
It freaked us all out. None of us had been listening to the radio on the way back from the restaurant. We didn't know that a tornado had ripped the roof off of the lofts that are 300 yards down the street from Heat's house. In the dark we couldn't see a thing. When we stopped by Heat's on the way to Savannah Saturday morning, we could see the damage. wow.
Like I said, we went to Savannah on Saturday. Guess what happened there? There was 11 of us that went to Savannah for the festivities. We were roaming Riverwalk after dinner (more like wiggling thru the crowds, getting beer spilled on you with every step) when J tripped and twisted his ankle- the irony of this is he doesn't drink. J and A were sharing a room with Zalebaby and I, so we decided to get him back to the Motel where he could put his foot up, leaving the rest of the gang to enjoy the crowds. I was so over the crowds. During the day, it was a lot of fun, after dark, not so much.
I was a good thing we went back when we did. We had no sooner gotten back to the motel and settled in, then the power went out. A was in the shower and she yelled at us to quit fooling around and turn the lights on! We propped the bathroom door and the room door open so the emergency lights could give her enough light to finish up in there. We dragged the chairs out onto the walk way and enjoyed the night air. (we were on the 2nd floor) Our friends, fortunately, had left river walk before the lights went out and were wandering around City Market looking at the vender's when the power went out down there. Imagining trying to get out of river walk, in the dark with that many people jammed into it scares the bjesus out of me.
So our friends make it back to the motel and we are all sitting around, talking and drinking, the tornado siren goes off. Lovely. The tornado didn't set down anywhere near us, but enough is enough! What a weekend!


I AM VERY MARY said...

And this is PRECISELY why I don't go anywhere. Ever. The end.

Dice said...

I knew about the tornado in Atlanta, and I thought you were safe in Savannah--didn't know you didn't leave until Saturday. Didn't know about the tornado in Savannah! Yikes! I'm glad you're ok!!!!!!

Christy said...

Holy crap! Thank goodness you weren't swept away by a tornado!

Carrie said...

Kind of scary

Have the T-Shirt said...

Glad you survived! Sheesh girl!

Lady Em said...

Oh yeah it was pretty awful!! The weather in Savannah has been rather wierd lately.
Thanks for leaving such a great comment about my story, I really appreciate it, you made my day!!