Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yea! the Monkey Shower was a hit!

I am so, so glad the Sewing marathon for the baby shower is over. My sewing room is trashed (and the rest of my house), I haven's cooked dinner for my Zalebaby in two weeks. So tonight is dinner of his choice. But I digress, I want to show you what I've been doing. Heat's Shower had a jungle theme and she is doing the baby's room around a monkey picture. So, as part of the shower committee, I was delegated to making the favors. Which I never did get a picture of. Sorry. I made animal print pocket tissue covers, I put trim on the edges of mine, but they basically looked like these. Thank you Stardust Shoes!

So, one day I was hanging out with the father to be, and he started talking about the barrel of Monkeys game. Then I got the bright idea to make a foam barrel and some monkey's for the baby's room. It was a great idea, but the making of it, oh dear, somebody shoot me please! I hand sewed the whole dang thing. Now that I've finished it, if I had to make another I think I could manage to sew it on the machine. I think. But I am not making another. Not anytime soon.

Here is my barrel with a store bought monkey. I finished the barrel at midnight the night before the shower. I did make a monkey for the barrel, but at midnight, he was still in several pieces in my sewing room. I never want to work with that fabric again. I wound up making the monkey twice....I had to hand baste everything, the fabric was that fluid. Grr! Here is my Monkey at 2am. I think he is really cute. Annoying to make, but cute and cuddly.Now I have to show you what my friend Elliwati made. Too funny! Heat laughed her head off. Way to go Elli! My friend Michele also made a monkey. She borrowed her 8 year old daughter's bratz sewing machine to do the job. Heat promptly named him Floyd the Lesson Monkey (don't drink and sew) what you can't tell by the picture is Floyd has no stuffing in his neck, so his head flops around when you carry him.

I also was in charge of making a diaper cake. That was a first for me. I used 250 or so diapers, size 2, 6 yards of ribbon (I had just enough- which is why the top bow is so small) and an extra set of arms to help hold the diapers in place while I adjusted and tied the ribbon. Thanks Joh and Amy!
My next project is to rearrange my sewing room and make something to wear during my cruise in May. What to make....hmm. I don't know what, but it will be fun! (I'll take suggestions! What should I wear on the cruise?)


1 peanut said...

I love your diaper cake! I make them for baby showers too. actually i am making 1 tonight for a shower on saturday maybe I will post a picture of it.

Carrie said...

Please do! I'd love to see it.

Alpha DogMa said...

Wow. I love the barrel and all the monkeys. That looks like the kind of shower I'd enjoy.