Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm not shaking anymore!

eyes, originally uploaded by Carrie SS.

It's done, I have new eyes. I can see and it is wonderful! I must admit that I asked for a valium at the doctor's. It's a good thing I did. I nearly freaked out with it. Not that I'm trying to make it sound scarey or that it hurt, 'cause it wasn't and it didn't. It was just uncomfortable.

When I got off the laser chair, I could see better than I had since I first got glasses. It was cloudly/hazy sight, but I could see things in focus.

Now I have lots of different drops to put in my eyes and today, things are still a little hazy, but no worse than dirty contacts. Matter of fact, my eyes feel like I have contacts in, just a little itchy, but no worse than that. How cool is that?!?!


Have the T-Shirt said...

Congrats! My sister had that done and Lurved it! Glad yours went well :)

Carrie said...

Me too! I don't know if I'm 20/20 but I can see well enough to drive and I'm happy with that!

LL said...

Glad your lasering went well!
See you on Joys blog and GG wondered if anyone knew where Joy was!!


Carrie said...

Hi LL! I sure miss GG and the Gang, specially MFD.

Joy is all wrapped up in school. I only heard from her the first week of classes, since then, nothing..... is her blog, but she hasn't up dated it, but you can email her thru it.

1peanut said...

OMG I want to get this done so bad!