Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm shaking in my boots

Guess what today is! You'll never guess, because I haven't mentioned it anywhere, I've been afraid that I would jinx it. Since it is happening at 2:45 today, I think it is safe to crow about it. (knock on wood) I'm not usually superstitious, but I want this so badly, the pessimistic side of me is thinking the worst.

So, are you at all curious?

I'm getting Lasik! New Eyes! NO MORE GLASSES!!! or CONTACTS!!! Whooo HOOO!

Zalebaby gave me the go-ahead. I'm paying for most of it, by taking advantage of my office's flex-spending account and Zalebaby is picking up the rest of the tab. I am so fricken excited, I'm beside myself. I've wanted this for years.


Christy said...

You are a brave, brave woman. I hope you like your new eyes.

Elliwati said...

How was it ? are your eyes as good as new ?
I also want to do lasik..