Monday, October 01, 2007

I thought I taught you better!

So I provided my hubby a belly laugh Friday night. Well, a belly laugh doesn't quite describe it. He was laughing so hard, I thought he was going to wet the bed. It was one of those laughs, where you laugh so hard you are afraid you are going to hurt yourself. Dang man, I almost wish he did! Stupid man.

So, what did I do to make him laugh so hard? It's more of what didn't he do....jackass!!!!!! Let me wipe the egg off my face (well-off my ass) and I'll tell you. Friday night, after an extremely satisfying round of marital sex, I went to use the toilet, in the dark, without my glasses. You can probably guess where I'm going with this, but, Yes, I fell in. Not with a splash mind you, more of the jerk of go farther than you intended and landing on the nasty cold porcelain. I shrieked and started cussing his name. What a way to loose the after sex glow. He knew immediately what had happened and started laughing. The more he laughed the longer and louder I cursed which made him laugh more. Not that I blame him for that, 'cause it was funny. I firmly blame him for leaving the seat up. That he is in trouble for. He doesn't usually leave the seat up, but he was cleaning the toilet (the first time ever! I've never seen him clean the toilet in the 4 years we've lived together) He put the cleaner in the bowl, but got distracted before actually scrubbing it, hence the seat was up.



Christy said...

Poor Carrie. BUT YOUR HUSBAND CLEANED THE TOILET. I am sure it was totally worth it.

Dice said...


Carrie said...

He halfway cleaned the toilet...but you do have a point.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog - and giving me a good laugh with this entry ;0)

Ava Von Snarky said...

Oh Carrie! It's funny, but I would be furious too. Why is it when men try to do something good, it still comes back to bight us or spash us?