Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm alive.....

Truly I am! I've been waiting on the hubby to fix some pictures so I can tell you all about our Thanksgiving trip. So I'll get to that on Monday.

Good News----I past my glucose test on the first try. No gestational diabetes's for me. I did get a lecture from the Doc about portion control.....I've put on 21 pounds so far. Sigh. I thought I was doing well, I'm at the end of week 27. Oh well. It is nothing I'm going to stress over.


Christy said...

You sound completely normal to me. I gained 40 pounds with Porgie, which my doctor said was normal. I only gained 30 with Izzy, but I was overweight when I got pregnant with him.

maggiegracecreates said...

Don't worry about the doc's lecture. You are quite obviously healthy.

Have a great week.