Monday, December 22, 2008

That was foolish.....

I missed my company party on Saturday. All because I did too much and didn't drink enough. I got up early and finished a sewing job (I had a banana and some chocolate milk) then I delivered the sewing, helped install the new sheers, got a massage, met a girlfriend at a local baby store, went to lunch (at 2:30---that should have raised some warning bells) Lunch was great! Fried pickles, tomato soup and a grilled cheese (I had 1 1/2 glasses of water). Then I ran some more errands, winding up at the Library (about 4:00ish), where after picking up a book off the bottom shelf, I came within a heartbeat of passing out. I'm talking tunnel vision, breaking out in the sweats and sick to my stomach. I had to sit down for 15 minutes before I could collect myself to go home. Not a good thing.

When I got myself out of the library and made it home (I skipped the rest of my errands) I drank a big glass of water and went to lay down for a while. I was hoping it would stop the queasy cramping feeling in my tummy. I promptly fell asleep and Zalebaby let me sleep until I woke up on my own. Which was 7pm. My work's Christmas party started at 6 and they were serving dinner at 7. So no party for me. Which is a good thing. I know Zalebaby didn't want to go and I felt better after my nap, but I really wasn't up to being out and about again. I didn't leave the house on Sunday. I learned my lesson. I must get more to drink if I'm going to run around like that again.

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Elliwati said...

The most important is that you and your baby are healthy..
There will be always parties.. :)