Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Week 31 picture

I get bigger and bigger every day. I'm in week 32 now, and the picture above was from last week. I went to the Dr. yesterday and everything is going well. I am happy I haven't gained any weight this month. Total weight gain.....21 lbs so far with 8 weeks to go. Go Bean, eat the extra fat I've been carrying. Let me tell you, I have not been starving myself by any means. I've been appalled by how much I have eaten over the holidays, it just I can't eat a lot at one sitting, so I've been grazing on fruit and chocolate....evidently the small (but many) portions have kicked my metabolism into gear. (yes, I do work the protein and veggies in, but I crave chocolate and fruit)

My girlfriend A had her baby shortly before 8pm last night. Those are the only details I have....I haven't heard back from either of them yet. Her hubby called me at 5:30 to come sit with E until her Uncle got there. Unfortunately, I was at the wall-mart by my work, so I called Zalebaby and he ran over to watch E. He pulled up, the hubby (on the porch) hugged E, jumped in the car (A was waiting in the car) and they left. At 7:57 we got a text picture of Lyra. I can't wait to see her!


Jennifer King said...

You look good, dearie. And I'm glad for you about the lack of weight gain this time around. 21 pounds isn't bad. Hang in there!

Christy said...

I can't believe you're already 32 weeks along! Amazing!