Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cloth or disposable dipers?

I've been pondering the question. Zalebaby is all for disposable, but I'm looking a my just so happens that Baby Cheepskate is having a give away of 12 bumGenius 3.0 One Size cloth diapers to one lucky reader. I can't say no to that! So I've got my fingers crossed. Has anyone used these? Can I get some recommendations? Me being clueless and all.


Lady Em said...

A friend of mine bought G diapers( I think that is what they are called) online for her little one. They aren't disposable, but they are different from cloth ones to, I'm not sure how I have to google it. Disposable diapers are so dang expensive!! I'm going to be at home with the babe, so I haven't decided what kind I plan on using yet. Let me know if you find anything cool!!

Susan said...

As a mother of 3, I wholeheartedly recommend disposable diapers. Yes, they're expensive, but they are SO MUCH more practical. Diaper companies send out lots of coupons and freebies to expectant moms, so get on the mailing lists and collect the coupons. Then, wait for a sale, and stock up.

I'm potty training my youngest, who hasn't quite gotten the poop-in-the-potty-not-in-the-pants thing. After rinsing poopy underwear in the toilet, I just cannot imagine how ANYONE can use anything but disposables.

Of course, if the diapers are free, you should totally go for it!

maggiegracecreates said...


i am very mary said...

I used disposable and potty trained at 14 months. Genius all around;) Plus? Ask for diapers for your baby shower in all sizes. That's whay I did, and I think I only bought about 100 packs the whole time Miss C was in them.

Elliwati said...

I grew up in Indonesia and my mom use cloth for all 6 children . They don't have choice at that time. But what I heard is that baby poop don't smell until they eat solid food? I dunno. Go green carrie, you can do it! :) I support which ever you choose.

Anonymous said...


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