Wednesday, July 02, 2008

To beat the queasiness....

Morning Sickness is a misnomer. It's not just mornings! My body is substituting nausea for hunger pangs. I don't get hungry anymore, I go straight to queasy. What fun! I've learned that if I eat a special K bar before I get out of bed, I don't get queasy before I'm out of the shower and ready to go downstairs. Then I eat yogurt before I leave for work. When I get to work, I make a pack of instant oatmeal and then I'm OK until 11, when I have another special K bar. Then Lunch at 12, fruit around 2:30 and one more special K bar at 4-4:30 to tide me over until I get home, where I'll have a snack of some sort before I make dinner.

At this rate, I'm going to be a blimp, long before the little bean gets here.

If only I could find a way to have a nap around 2pm. Drat that work thing. I wish it wasn't necessary.


Christy said...

I had "morning" sickness when I was pregnant with Porgie. I was teaching at the time, and puked nearly every morning. Fortunately, after that I felt fine.

Although it stinks right now, it will pass.

Lady Em said...

I get queasy around 5pm every night. If I am slightly hungry, it goes straight to being queasy to. I usually munch on some saltines. You are eating good food, so you should be fine with the weight thing. Although I worry about it to, I don't want to look like whale in eight months. Although by that time, I am sure neither one of us will care what we look like, we'll just be ready to have some babies!!!!
Many prayers and blessings!!
~Lady Em~